Monday, March 29, 2010

Day 88/365

today was just another day. we had some people over for dinner so that was fun, but other than that nothing much. all my friends in Bakersfield are on spring break this week, and me and Katie were thinking about how last year right now we were in Washington D.C. good times!!!

Day 87/365

on Sunday i spent what felt like forever in the dish room, but thats cuz i got up at 6:30 (way to early on the weekend!!!) and had to be over at camp by 7 to start working in the dish room, and then i had an hour off at 10 and had to be back in the dish room at 11 to start on lunch and was done around 2:40ish. and then i just chilled the rest of the day.

Day 86/365

on Saturday i slept in and it felt SOOOOO good!!!!!!! and then i helped out around camp for the rest of the day.

Day 85/365

i made some magnets on Friday...

Day 84/365

my mom got me some new magnets!!!!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Day 83/365

my sister gave Spencer a bath tonight, and i did his hair!!! :)
today i went to see the Green Zone with my dad... i don't know if i liked it or not... it wasn't bad, but it wasn't what we were expecting...

Day 82/365

i love this kid!!!! i gave him a bath and he is soooo funny!!! all he wants to do is splash splash splash and laugh!!!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Day 81/365

i just absolutely love this little kid!!!
i decided that every day this week that Spencer is here my picture of the day is going to be of him.
oh how i just love my little cousin!!!!

Day 80/365

i spent Saturday night and all day Sunday with the with the Birks and Stephanie and it was a lot of fun!!! Emily has this weird but cool chap stick that's in a ball. and that's all i have to say about this picture.
oh and Emily is crazy!!

Day 79/365

the camp Redwood Glen reunion was today and it was really fun!!

Day 78/365

Devon was having a LOT of fun playing with the fire!!

Day 77/365

this is the visual for my science project!!

Day 76/365

my cat is crazy...
end of story!

Day 75/365

i LOVE watermelon!!!!!
i had the whole half for a snack!! :)

Day 74/365

Day 73/365

Day 72/365

dinner in down town Santa Cruz

Day 71/365

Day 70/365



Day 69/365

i went for a bike ride

Day 68/365

2 things i love!!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Day 67/365

today i switched to Verizon, and got a cool new phone. I'm loving having service at my house, but not loving having to switch numbers so much!

Day 66/365


Day 65/365


Day 64/365


Day 63/365

Biology is boring...

so this is what i do...

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Day 62/365

skype with Emily Grace Birks+ short day = good day!!!
today we had a very fun and long skype date!!! we looked at lots of awesome picture of the buried life... hahaha...... and talked about how much we like that show... but i dont have a awesome picture to put up like she did. ha

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Day 61/365

this is Franklin!!
a camper made him for me my first summer working at Camp Arnold...
he sits on top of my T.V. :)

Monday, March 1, 2010

Day 60/365

i am so sore from snowboarding yesterday!! oh my gosh!!!! and my lips were in need of chap stick all day. i should have taken some up with me!!!

Day 59/365

snowboarding was so much freaking fun!!!!!!!!!

this picture is for my weird friends who dont like death cab for cutie and owl city... (you know who you are)
i just dont understand?!?!?

Day 58/365

road trip 2 the Riley's. we went 2 rent my snowboard on the way...

Day 57/365

it rained pretty much all day and when it stopped the power went out for a while. Me, Claire, and Kellie played monopoly for like 2 in a half hours... it was fun!!

Day 56/365

i went to a basketball game with my friend Nicole. it was a lot of fun!

Day 55/365

i learned how 2 use the espresso machine!! :)