Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Day 150/365

this is Katies dog... he is crazy!

Day 149/365

me and katie took self timer pictures on her awesome tripod in our amazingly awesome footies!!
and of course i also have another pic of Spencer cuz he is the the funniest kid and i love him!!

Day 148/365

i love Spencer soooo freaking much!!
i love that kid...
i love that kid...
i love that kid...
end of story!

Day 147/365

packing packing packing...
bako bako BAKO!!!

Day 146/365

i am allergic to latex...
end of story!

Day 145/365

on tuesday i was going to give blood with my friend Shanan...
but i ended up not being able to because i had just got a shot at the doctors a week or so before...
oh well i still got out of math! :)