Saturday, February 20, 2010

Day 51/365

i kinda really love peace signs!!!!

Day 50/365

me and Claire sat in my dads office all day and hung out with Betsy, and then helped stuff envelops. when i got home i realized i forgot my phone... so me and Claire put on war paint to go get it! :) it was kinda extremely 2 much fun!

Day 49/365

thurday was my last soccer game :( we won! and it was fun! but im sad its over!!
the Wilds came over for dinner! i love them!!! we had fun!!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Day 48/365

tonight was the last time for the season that i have to pack my bag for soccer...
its kinda sad :( tomorrow is my last game :(

Day 47/365


why must you be so confusing?!?!?!?

Day 46/365

i made a new turkey crossing sign because my old one was KILLED by the rain, and turned into a giant black hole of nothingness!! yeah, i know wild turkey... what?!? so pretty much i have random wild turkey on the side of the street, and they have even been in my yard!!

Day 45/365

we went to the beach after church and had some more fun!!! and then everyone left... :(
but then me and Claire went to see Valentines Day with our friends. i think that its really funny!
"whats moorpark spelled backwards?" "kraproom." haha!

Day 44/365

the Rileys joined the party!!!!!
we went to the mystery spot, and it was pretty cool. and then when we got home... :)
i straitened Zach and Evans hair! hahahaha!!!!!! it was SOOO worth it, but i cant say i will being doing it again anytime soon, cuz it took at least an hour and a half to straiten Zach's hair...
but still it was so definitely worth it!!!!!!! :)

Day 43/365

the Kittles came over!!!!!!
so the pictures...
pretty much we looked AWESOME!!! :)

Day 42/365

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Day 41/365

today was a short day!! got to LOVE short days!!!!! and short practices!! :)

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Day 40/365

"Get back to the basics: laugh and share a smile."

Day 39/365


Day 38/365

Dear John is amazing!!! oh my gosh the book made me cry a few times... its so good!! the movie was good to, but the book is so much better!!!!!!
if you haven't read the book i think that you should!! even if you have already seen the movie you should go back and read the book!!!!!


Day 37/365

so while i was copying a scene out of taming of the shrew for my English homework, and i got bored! so i copied my hands... in a heart shape!!
i really like that my peace sign bracelet is at the bottom!!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Day 36/365

so Dear John came out today!!!! I'm going to see it with some friends on Sunday, and I'm super excited!!!! if you are thinking about seeing it please read the book first!! i know i haven't seen it yet, but i have heard the book is better, and pretty much books always are!!!!!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Day 35/365

this is what my feet looked like after my soccer game! and no i didn't take off my cleats, the muddy water went in my cleats and socked my socks!!

now i didn't take this picture, but i did take the one before and i just wanted to put up a full view of all the mud! and my front of me was covered 2!!! :)
todays soccer game equaled mud, lots of rain, some more rain, slide tackles, a little blood, some cuts, bruises, and some swelling. pretty much it was awesome!!!! i love playing in the rain and mud!!!! have you ever heard the saying just rub some dirt on it??? well i actually had to rub some dirt on it tonight so the referees wouldn't see the blood on my knee... :)

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Day 34/365

CAHSEE is over!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! tomorrow i get to sleep til 7:46 unlike today and yesterday, i had to be at school at 7:40... to early!!!!! other than that i really didn't do anything....
soccer got done at 4:00 so that was really nice, it was only a 1/2 hour and we didn't really do anything! and then we went out to dinner for our friends birthday, and it was a lot of fun!! we were there for 4 hours, and Claire fell asleep, it was really funny!!!
my picture doesn't really have anything to so with my day, but its the dress i wore to dinner and my necklace.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Day 33/365

tonights soccer game resulted in 2 swollen knees and one huge turf burn!!!!
its official... my knees are doomed to be giant turf burn scares!
oh how i love soccer!!!!

Day 32/365

trig homework and a nice celery and peanut butter snack!! :)

Day 31/365

Monday we left Bakersfield at 8:30 AM and had a 4 hour trip home! i like to doodle and i was listening to heart breaker... yup that's it
Stephanie heart breaker is a good song!!!!!!!!!! :)

Day 30/365

Saturday was winter formal at my old school... FRONTIER!!!!!!!!!!!!
it was so much fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Day 29/365

Friday we went to Disneyland, and it was super fun!!!!!!!!!!!! me and Katie went on the Tower of Terror 5 times!!!!!!!!! it was awesome!!

Day 28/365

Thursday night we got to Katie's house!!!!!!!!!