Saturday, October 23, 2010

Day 298/365

this is a picture of a flower Rhoda gave me last summer!! we picked each other flowers and put them in our bibles on our friendship verse!! umm... I LOVE RHODA BOETTCHER!!!
Proverbs 18:24
A man of many companions may come to ruin, but there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother.

Day 297/365

Friday was Rhoda Boettcher's 16th birthday!!! i really love that girl!!! me and my sister got to skype with her and sing to her!! we also went to our friend Hannah's birthday party that night. we got to decorate shoes. it was pretty awesome!

Day 296/365

My friend Krista and I have entered into a poke war!! On Thursday night i made her this picture!!! I think i am going to win! :)

I am back!

well i pretty much failed!!
I'm pretty sure i took at least one picture everyday during camp but i didn't upload them...
and after camp... well i failed!!! i kinda forgot about the blog this summer...
but i have decided to try and finish the year out and take a picture for every day for the last few months.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Day 150/365

this is Katies dog... he is crazy!

Day 149/365

me and katie took self timer pictures on her awesome tripod in our amazingly awesome footies!!
and of course i also have another pic of Spencer cuz he is the the funniest kid and i love him!!

Day 148/365

i love Spencer soooo freaking much!!
i love that kid...
i love that kid...
i love that kid...
end of story!

Day 147/365

packing packing packing...
bako bako BAKO!!!

Day 146/365

i am allergic to latex...
end of story!

Day 145/365

on tuesday i was going to give blood with my friend Shanan...
but i ended up not being able to because i had just got a shot at the doctors a week or so before...
oh well i still got out of math! :)

Monday, May 24, 2010

Day 144/365

today after i went driving (i just love saying that) around camp i took some pictures in my front yard!

Day 143/365

i love me some watermelon!!!!

Day 142/365

well i don't really remember Saturday. i don't think i really did anything..
i did go see Iron man 2 with my dad... it wasn't really that good. the only action was at the very end... the first one was way better!!!
oh and i went DRIVING for the first time!!!!
heck yes man! my mom took me to the middle school parking lot and it was so awesome!
this is a picture of Frank...
me and my friend Torrey made him last year in 7th period Spanish...
he is awesome! :)

Day 141/365

Friday was really fun!
after school me and my friend Jess walked to Starbucks and back to school. we made it back just as track was ending so we found our friend Krista and then walked to my house. but we went on an adventure and went over cup cake mountain and through the woods. it was really fun! we ended up at the wilderness camp and the group that was out there looked at us like we were crazy coming out of the woods! haha! then we went to the cafe and played matrix dodge ball. ahaha it was awesome!! after that my mom took us back to school for the power puff game. we met up with our friends Shanan and Abby when we got there. the Seniors killed the Juniors 30-0. after that our school had a pasta dinner and a man pageant. yes that's right i said man. hahaha it was awesome!! so over all Friday was a very good and fun day!! :)

Day 140/365

this was me for the whole 2 hour season finale of Grey's Anatomy...
it was so freaking INTENSE!!!!!
oh my gosh that show is crazy!!!
but i LOVE it!!

Day 139/365

this a duck tape flower...
on a pen!
its pretty cool!!!
my friend made them and gave them out after her party.

Day 138/365

Day 137/365

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Day 136/365

this picture was also at my friends party, but it was at like 3 in the morning so technically it was taken today. :)

Day 135/365

my friends 16th birthday party was last night and it was soooooooo fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Day 134/365

i finished my camp contract and sent it in, along with my search crew requirements!!!

Day 133/365

Day 132/365

me and Claire went to the doctors... and got shots...
but then we got nail polish after! :)

Day 131/365

my dog sat on my lap all the way down to the park to pick up my sister, and then all the way back to my house... shes crazy!!!!! :)

Day 130/365

Day 129/365


Day 128/365

Saturday was my Dads birthday!!!!!!!!!!

Day 127/365

new sticker for my laptop

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Day 126/365

today is a picture of my foot... because my foot has 5 toes... and 5 weeks from today I'm going to... WASHINGTON... for CAMP!!!!!
I'm just a little excited... no big deal or anything! :)

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Day 125/365

today was a sit on the floor kinda day. i did my homework on the floor and thought that my converse looked really cool.

Day 124/365

so i just realized that i took a picture kinda of like this one a while ago, but some stuff happened yesterday that was interesting to say the least and these 2 rocks kinda sum it up...

Monday, May 3, 2010

Day 123/365

so tonight is also a lame picture, but i had to use it!
this is a picture of a flash light. but not just any flash light! it helped me in my intense battle with a tick tonight!
i was sitting on the couch watching tv with my dog when i felt something on my arm. when i saw the tick i freaked out and just flicked it. (note to self: stupid idea to just flick a tick, you don't know where its going to end up.) so i didn't know where is was and there was no way i was going to sit on the couch after that. so after about an hour or so being freaked out about every little tickle i felt i saw it on the wall.

i hit it with a jar of peanut butter and it fell to the floor. so i had to move the couch and use my handy dandy flash light and make sure the dot i saw on the floor was the tick. and it indeed was! so then i got a bottle of pizza sauce and smashed it over and over and over again til it was flat like a pan cake, and i was sure it was dead!

i felt very accomplished after it killed it. :)

Day 122/365

i know this is a lame picture but yesterday i went to bed early cuz i wasn't feeling great. and it was a last minute picture and at the time all i was thinking about was how great it was going to feel to go to bed at 9:30! :)

Day 121/365

saturday we went to hannahs brothers baseball game. it was really fun! but of course it was, we always have fun when we hang our with the Torchio's!! me, claire, and hannah didn't really watch the game, but we had a bunch of fun!! talking pictures and talking, and we even had a little 7 year old lurk for a little bit who was acting like he was a ninja and he threw claire's shoe over a fence. haha

Day 120/365

friday i went to my schools musical with my friends. it was pretty good.

Day 119/365

bowling "field trip" instead of class... ummm yes please!!!!

thursday my pe class went bowling! we went because we are our teachers favorite class. not even kidding! it was super fun!! we went bowling for 3 hours and got our of our last class of the day! my lane had10 of us... we had the most people, but we didn't care cuz we all wanted to bowl together. it was super fun! and then we got back to school like 45 minutes early so me and 2 of my friends walk to my friends house. all in all thursday was AWESOME!!!

Day 118/365

Wednesday... i had nothing 2 do...
so i made a super hero...
Captain NINJA!!!!