Monday, May 3, 2010

Day 123/365

so tonight is also a lame picture, but i had to use it!
this is a picture of a flash light. but not just any flash light! it helped me in my intense battle with a tick tonight!
i was sitting on the couch watching tv with my dog when i felt something on my arm. when i saw the tick i freaked out and just flicked it. (note to self: stupid idea to just flick a tick, you don't know where its going to end up.) so i didn't know where is was and there was no way i was going to sit on the couch after that. so after about an hour or so being freaked out about every little tickle i felt i saw it on the wall.

i hit it with a jar of peanut butter and it fell to the floor. so i had to move the couch and use my handy dandy flash light and make sure the dot i saw on the floor was the tick. and it indeed was! so then i got a bottle of pizza sauce and smashed it over and over and over again til it was flat like a pan cake, and i was sure it was dead!

i felt very accomplished after it killed it. :)