Monday, May 24, 2010

Day 141/365

Friday was really fun!
after school me and my friend Jess walked to Starbucks and back to school. we made it back just as track was ending so we found our friend Krista and then walked to my house. but we went on an adventure and went over cup cake mountain and through the woods. it was really fun! we ended up at the wilderness camp and the group that was out there looked at us like we were crazy coming out of the woods! haha! then we went to the cafe and played matrix dodge ball. ahaha it was awesome!! after that my mom took us back to school for the power puff game. we met up with our friends Shanan and Abby when we got there. the Seniors killed the Juniors 30-0. after that our school had a pasta dinner and a man pageant. yes that's right i said man. hahaha it was awesome!! so over all Friday was a very good and fun day!! :)

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