Thursday, February 4, 2010

Day 35/365

this is what my feet looked like after my soccer game! and no i didn't take off my cleats, the muddy water went in my cleats and socked my socks!!

now i didn't take this picture, but i did take the one before and i just wanted to put up a full view of all the mud! and my front of me was covered 2!!! :)
todays soccer game equaled mud, lots of rain, some more rain, slide tackles, a little blood, some cuts, bruises, and some swelling. pretty much it was awesome!!!! i love playing in the rain and mud!!!! have you ever heard the saying just rub some dirt on it??? well i actually had to rub some dirt on it tonight so the referees wouldn't see the blood on my knee... :)


  1. haha don't you hate the rule that you can't play if you're bleeding?? Anyway, these pics are AWESOME!! I LOVE playing when it's raining too, but in a white uniform? Good luck cleaning it! Cool pictures :D