Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Day 6/365

i went to the mall today to get my shoes for formal. (i feel like i talk about shoes a lot which is weird cuz i dont even like shoes that much) and we walked by a store and this is what i see!! can you say GIANT shoe!! holy cow man!! and then the store we went into for me to try on shoes like every single one i asked for they didnt have in a 10! i think that giant shoe was a sign to me that i really am a big foot!! :) but i did end up finding shoes and they are great!

Emily you cant see our faces really in this one... so i used it!! :) <3

so i talked to Emily on skype today! it made me very happy!!! i love our Wednesday 1:30ish skype time!! and i LOVE EMILY GRACE BIRKS!!


  1. for a minute i thought you were saying that was the shoes you got for your formal... haha.

  2. wow, if those were the shoes that you got for your formla ( which i know they are not) i would personally take them back to the store for you :)